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afford highquality art

36 Mountains Festival represented artists from all around the globe

36 MOUNTAINS is an international contemporary art space taking place in Zagreb, Croatia. It is a project born out of the 36 Mountains festival that was held once a year from 2016, while in 2021 we decided to open our space where you can visit exhibitions throughout the year and also buy high quality works of art.

We wanted to create a platform where everybody could be able to afford high quality art. Our idea was to offer exclusive hand silkscreen printed artworks in small limited editions.  We collaborate with established and emerging artists who exhibited at previous 36 Mountains exhibitions. Naturally, they usually come from Croatia and close neighborhood, but since 36 Mountains represented artists from all around the globe, we just can't neglect them.  

All artworks are numbered and signed by the artist and have Certificate of Authenticity mark. For now, we ship only unframed prints, but you can buy and collect framed one at the gallery. Find something nice for yourself or someone special! 

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